Investment Property Loans

Investment Property Loans

We recognize that real estate investment can offer significant opportunities. Our investment property loans, featuring competitive interest rates, flexible loan terms, and a streamlined application process, are tailored to address the requirements of investors like yourself.
Whether buying or refinancing an investment property, partnering with someone knowledgeable and experienced is essential. Whether you’re a seasoned investor with a portfolio of 5-10 properties or a first-time investor recognizing the value of real estate in your investment strategy, we can assist you in securing an excellent investment property loan.

Owning, managing, maintaining, upgrading, and overseeing even a single investment property entails significant responsibility, as many of you reading this are likely aware. There are many considerations to ponder before purchasing, and lenders have different reviews when qualifying you for financing, whether it’s your first or tenth financed property.
Conventional loans, backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, are the most prevalent options for purchasing and refinancing investment properties due to their attractive low rates.

The entire down payment must be from your funds. Income qualification is required, meaning you must prove your income is sufficient to cover your existing monthly liabilities and the new mortgage payment for the additional property. Additionally, with conventional loans, you must maintain assets in your accounts equivalent to six months of charges for each owned property (covering principal, interest, taxes, insurance, and association dues).

It’s important to note that the mentioned Conventional loans are not designed for flipping houses. We collaborate with a distinct lender for fix-and-flip endeavors, but our primary clientele comprises buy-and-hold investors. New programs have expanded our capacity to cater to fix-and-flip scenarios, among other unique guidelines, broadening our support to a broader range of investors.

In addition to the popular Conventional investor programs, we offer specific variations to accommodate more stringent guidelines. Some of these alternative options include:

  1. Fannie Mae Delayed Financing Program: Tailored for investors who’ve purchased a property outright without a mortgage. You can refinance up to the original purchase amount within six months of purchase. You can use the total appraised value to establish the loan-to-value ratio.
  2. Freddie Mac Loan-to-Value Purchase Loan:  Mortgage insurance is involved and available to investors financing up to their fourth property. While interest rates are slightly higher, this option enables a minimized down payment and aligns with the buy-and-hold strategy.
  3. Fannie Mae’s HomeStyle Renovation Loan: This allows investors to include some rehab costs into the investment property loan. A down payment is still necessary, but you don’t need the total amount plus additional rehab funds.
  4. Investor Cash Flow Loan: Qualification is based on the rental income of the new property, not your income.
  5. Fix and Flip Loans: These are determined by your experience in the field, the as-is and after-improved values of the property, and offer draws for repair work.
  6. Self-Employed Investor Loans: Utilizes average deposits into business bank accounts as income verification.
  7. Loans for Financing 10-20 Properties: Available for investors seeking to finance between 10-20 properties, offering a lower loan-to-value and slightly higher rates.

Our team collaborates with various banks, lenders, and portfolio investors, offering these and other investment property loans. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to pre-qualify for purchasing or refinancing an investment property or explore different loan types or programs.


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