An appraisal entails the assessment of a home’s current market value at the time the appraisal report is compiled. Previous estimates or historical property sales do not influence the appraisal’s outcome. The determination of appraisal value is based on a comparison between the appraised property and a minimum of three recently sold homes within the immediate vicinity. The sale prices of these comparable homes are adjusted either upward or downward, considering disparities between the sold properties and the subject property. Factors like variations in views, square footage, land size, improvements (such as granite countertops, molding, hardwood floors, ceramic tile, marble, etc.), presence of garage, fence, or screen porch, and the property’s age are all taken into account during adjustments.

Appraisers are expected to select recently sold comparable homes that closely match the size and location of the subject property. For instance, if the property being appraised is a single-family home, it wouldn’t be compared to a manufactured home, even if it shares similar size and location characteristics and was sold recently.

How The Appraiser is Chosen

Since initiating the HVCC (Home Value Code of Conduct), all our appraisal requests are managed through an AMC (Appraisal Management Company). The AMC’s responsibility is to select an appraiser randomly from their list of approved appraisers, ideally situated within the property’s market area, to ensure their familiarity with the region. When we generate an appraisal order with an AMC, the payment is made upfront, and the AMC assigns the order to an appraiser. It’s important to note that we lack the authority to choose the appraiser, manipulate their assessment, or attempt to affect any aspect of the appraisal’s development, reporting, outcome, or review. We hold no authority over the appraiser or the value they assign. The appraiser’s task is to present their unbiased opinion of the home’s market value, uninfluenced by external factors.


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